Devfest22 Taipei Skaffold2 Deep Dive

Skaffold V2 extends the platforms and architectures supported by Skaffold, introduces Cloud Run as a supported deployer, and now supports building and deploying from ARM and x86 architectures. Skaffold V2 also provides enhanced support for CI/CD and GitOps workflows, introduces Skaffold rendering, validation and kpt integration. Most importantly, all existing Skaffold configurations are fully compatible with Skaffold V2, so upgrading from V1 is as easy as running a Skaffold fix

Cloud Workstation With Hugo Env

The preconfigured base images provided by Cloud Workstations contain only a minimal environment with IDE, basic Linux terminal and language tools and a sshd server. To expedite the environment setup of specific development use cases, you can create custom container images that extend these base images to pre-install tools and dependencies and that run automation scripts.

Alfred Open Chinese Convert

Since Mac OS finally removed support for Python2 in 12.3, the workflows written in Python2 in Alfred 4 are no longer available. The amowu/alfred-chinese-converter I was using before is also no longer updated (it's still in Alfred 2). So I built one with Golang + awgo + opencc, eliminating the dependency on Python, and Alfred upgrades no longer run into Python version problems.